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Today, almost every one keeps criticising at different objects. We have stopped appreciating things. I strongly believe that we should learn to appreciate things. Due to this we think in the wrong direction. At Tech Barrack Solutions, I believe that we should Think Good so that we can Do Good. Consider a triangle with me at the top then the employees and then the base crowd. The main goal of TBS is to satisfy every single individual at the base of triangle. People should consider TBS as family, something they look forward to.

I make video tutorials, reviews, applications, websites, work on projects and write some books. I do this because I love technology. I think it can be used to help mankind. You can find all the details at techbarrack.com

I think Tech Barrack Solutions will be a big company. It will be a huge company which will provide premium quality solutions to people at minimal cost or at no cost at all. Today almost every single company is too busy copying each other that they fail to understand the needs of the customer and deliver a product which is not great. At, Tech Barrack Solutions, I am definitely sure that the product or service we provide will understand the needs of the customer. There is huge scope for growth and I believe that Tech Barrack Solutions will grow.


Nayan Seth is the one who runs the company and handles all the services launched by Tech Barrack Solutions. He is the Founder and CEO of the company. He strongly believes in providing free education to everyone.

He is currently pursuing MS in Computer Science at Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University. You can connect with him on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and YouTube.

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Tech Videos

We provide some real awesome tech videos. All our videos are in 1080p which makes us a unique tech channel. Be it a review or tech tutorial, our videos is a one stop solution for all your tech needs.

Website Development

Website Development

We provide front end website development. The websites are responsive and super good looking. Just contact us about your website and we will get back to you.

100% True Tech News

Tech News

Techie Sparks is a sub division inside Tech Barrack Solutions which provides tech news and tutorials. So all the tech videos are fully explained in written form. We also provide free magazine. It can be viewed online at http://goo.gl/pYfQB.

Tech Help

Tech Help

You ask for it and we have got a solution for you. But only tech queries. You can contact us any time for that.


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